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Interference:The Nick Rhodes Webring!

Welcome to Interference, THE Nick Rhodes Web ring.

What Is A Web Ring?
A Web Ring is a way to connect sites with common themes, intrests, or topics in one large ring, to make it easier for people to get from site to site within a topic, without getting the over-broadness of internet searches, and make it easier for people to visit web pages that aren't as well known. If you visit a site with a ring banner, and like it, you simply click the previous, next, or random button to go to another page within that topic. This ring is a way of connecting Nick Rhodes, Duran Duran, & Arcadia sites together. If you have a site dedicated to something Nick or Duran Duran related, please join!

How Can I Join?
Simply click here. Keep in mind that you site MUST be related in some way to Nick Rhodes, Duran Duran, or Arcadia. You also MUST download the ring picture to you computer and upload it into your site's directory.
When you've joined, visit the HTML codes and graphics page to get the correct codes and choose from different ring pictures.

Thanks for taking an intrest in Interference:The Nick Rhodes Web Ring!

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This Interference-The Nick Rhodes Web Ring
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